The Bandana Comeback

Can you believe the bandana is back? The trend is back this season. It is such a simple and affordable accessory that can be worn in many ways, i.e. as a scarf, headband, belt. I personally like it best as a cute scarf.

A chill Sunday wearing low rise frayed jeans with ripped details from Zara. Even though, the jeans are described as "slouchy" jeans they are more of a skinny fit. Super cute.

I learned something new this weekend. The Urban Outfitters outlet in Lincoln Park. Literally, everything is $5-10. I bought this oversized tank in white and black I will be wearing at all times.

I had my eye on the Veda Jayne Suede Jacket forever. I finally snagged it on sale, and it is the best jacket. The fit, the quality, the color. It is actually a problem because now I want more colors. Definitely recommend Veda for any suede/leather jacket if you are in for a splurge.